Leverage Google’s Real-Time Search Through Monitoring And Tracking Pt1

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Your search engine optimization plan has to be integrated with social media optimization because you can enjoy the benefits of social media in terms of your search results. You must have come across various search tools launched by Google but now Google is offering you a great tool known as Google’s real-time search. So, if you want to enhance your search engine optimization process, then it is ideal for you to make use of SEO services offered by Google which will further help you in achieving better SEO results. If you are worried about your SEO results, then you must incorporate this real-time search in your search engine optimization plan where your search will be accompanied by live updates and feeds from famous people on your social media accounts. Now you can also discover all the fresh and latest news related to your search query on search engine results pages. If you are a professional SEO company, then you can get more traffic through Google’s new feature.

If you think that this new feature will affect your social media optimization, then you need to rethink because real-time search includes social networking sites like Twitter and various others. Your SEO plan must include real-time search which will help you streamline your search engine marketing campaign and in turn you can enjoy maximum profits. You might be having so many questions related to Google’s real-time search but before searching answers to your questions, it is essential that you should know the impact of real-time search on your search engine optimization plan.

Are you worried about the effect of real-time search on your industry and other SEO services? If yes, then you have to completely understand the nuances of Google’s real-time search so that you can integrate various SEO services in your SEO plan for better results. You can also leverage your social media optimization with this new feature because the tweets usually create real-time search box. If your something new happens n you industry and becomes news, then this real-time search will help you generate number of real-time results which is useful for your users. You can focus on keyword phrases which will streamline your social media optimization through this new Google feature. If you want to look out for effective keywords for your real-time search, then you have to monitor the volume of Twitter and if you identify the peaks and the downs, then you can judge the impact of real-time search on your search engine optimization. You, as an expert SEO company should use this feature so as to identify hot topic for the day which will benefit your users. If you go through the archives, then you can find out the search terms which pop up again and these search terms are easily affected by real-time search. So, if you are a competitive SEO professional, then you have to find ways to stimulate your search engine optimization along with monitoring real-time search.

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