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Are you a newbie in the world of SEO or you are looking to revive the performance of your existing website? Whatever the situation may be, you have to develop hands on knowledge about link building as this practice drives your SEO in a big way. If you want to get good rankings on search engine, then you have to add the element of relevance in your site which is through effective link building. Ideally you should focus on inbound links to make your website relevant and remember that Google always favors a slow and steady increase in the links. Visibility equates to visits, but any amount of traffic will be useless unless you have relevant content on your website pages. If you use the following ideas to formulate link building strategies, then your SEO will be successful.

  • Relevancy – Relevancy is a very important factor to consider while acquiring links for your website. Make sure that you take links from relevant websites only which will help increase your website’s credibility and authority.
  • Anchor Text – If you want to achieve high search engine rankings, then using anchor text is extremely important for you and your SEO business. When building links to your website, try and use as many variations of anchor text as possible. This will save your site from getting spammed and search engines will trust you completely.
  • Deep Linking – having deep links to the internal pages of your website is crucial for your SEO success. If you think that focusing all your links building efforts to the homepage is the only important step, then you need to understand the new age ideas of link building which calls for deep linking to internal pages. Ideally, you should get a minimum of 5-15 links to every page of your website.
  • Authority – To achieving top search engine rankings, having authority to your website is important. You have to ensure that you take links only from the quality websites so as to get great visibility and hence the rankings.

If you are new to the world of link building and search engine optimization, you have to be little patient with the results as Google will take at least six months to show the results of link building efforts. You should focus on maximizing your links as soon as possible because with age, links deliver higher SEO results. After some time you can slow down a bit and continue with normal link building efforts and the old links will work for your business success in the meantime.

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