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Link building is the best way to enhance the visibility of the website in the internet space. These days blog commenting is considered as an interesting way to attract various links to the website. But as part of effective search engine optimization, it is important to make intelligent use of blog commenting. Blog commenting is a great SEO tool for effective link building but to stop this is as an activity of search engine marketing bloggers have tagged comments as “no follow”. This means that though links can be added but it cannot be tracked by search engines for search engine optimization.

Blogs like the WordPress are default set as “no follow” which actually affects the process of link building and hence affects the visibility of websites. This kind of step taken by the bloggers affects SEO and search engine marketing in a big way. Pay special attention to the quality of links posted on the blogs because only relevant business will drive traffic to the website and will leverage search engine marketing and the process of link building. Readers must find the links valuable and not just the spam links which actually irritate the reader.

Apart from “no follow” blogs, numerous blogs are available on the web space which carry weight in search engines and enhances search engine marketing. These blogs are known as “do follow” blogs which actually help a great way in link building and to strengthen any kind of SEO activity. To cut down on blog comment spam, Google came out with “no follow” move in 2005 but for search engine marketing, “do follow” blog directories should be followed. Firefox Web Browser add-on helps in finding out the two different kinds of blogs so as to make link building easier and convenient.

To achieve high level of search engine optimization, it is advisable to spend some time in examining the capabilities of different blogs so as to enjoy the best possible link building. “Do follow” blog directories will help in generating links for more visibility on search engines. With the growing importance of SEO, it is important to post links to the blogs that say “do follow and not “no follow”. Some of the most common “do follow” blogs include “The New York Times” which attracts lot of links every day and is emerging as the best way of link building in search engine marketing.

For effective link building, it is important to make sure that the links posted are not spam and carry some relevance so that more and more people connect to that link which will improve the visibility of the website.

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