Localizing Your Search Marketing Campaign – Pt2

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Search engine marketing for corporate websites and local franchise differs in nature in terms of keywords and key phrases. If the idea is to improve search engine rankings, then focus needs to be shifted to local marketing because that’s the area which will deliver better search engine optimization results. After understanding the basics of corporate website and franchise website, it is essential to consider some other factors that contribute in a big way to search engine marketing. Formulating right message for the right medium is a key to successful SEO plan and search engine marketing. If the following factors are considered while working out on search engine optimization strategies, then companies can surely improve search engine rankings.

  • Paid Search – If message is targeted through paid form of search engine marketing, then message must include general keywords because at this time companies need to build the brand in the eyes of audience. Apart from general keywords, implementation of long-tail and specific keywords will drive the audience to franchise website and this will help improve search engine rankings.
  • Organic Search – By gaining good command over the message, the website automatically becomes more useful for the audience and this will stimulate the process of search engine marketing. This kind of perfect message will help the companies improve search engine rankings.
  • Display Advertisements – While designing advertisement for the website, it is usually advisable to make use of some behavioral elements so that companies can launch market specific advertising campaigns which are going to boost search engine marketing and also SEO results. Proper coordination is required between franchise sales outlet and the corporate so as to promote the brand as a whole.
  • Internet Yellow Pages – This is the most profitable way of search engine marketing. It emerges as the most cost-effective way to launch national and brand focused program which can be benefited from its franchise listing. Through internet yellow pages, companies can enjoy franchise listing and this will improve search engine rankings.
  • Mobile Search – In order to drive local sales with brand image remaining intact, mobile search is an ideal way of search engine marketing. Focus has to be on naming convention which will help improve search engine rankings by top listing on mobile sites.
  • Local Listing Feeds and User-Generated Content – If the company gets a chance to improve search engine rankings through mobile search and naming convention, then it will automatically get higher local online listings. This local level business information will help drive more traffic to the website and this will lead to successful search engine marketing.

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