Localizing Your Search Marketing Campaign – Pt1

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Search engine marketing is a great marketing platform for any website which is all set to go online. The best way to improve search engine rankings is to focus more on local markets instead of targeting search engine optimization in the national market. As a national advertiser, it is important to strike the balance between search engine marketing strategies and franchise. An effective and comprehensive SEO strategy is what a website needs in order to improve search engine rankings and to leverage search engine optimization. When the SEO plans are properly chalked out, then the message can be created to suit the needs of any media, be it national or local. In order to distribute the message locally, it is essential to identify all the possible online outlets that can stimulate the process of search engine optimization.

After the identification of various online media franchise, next step involves evaluating each media so as to ensure effective search engine marketing. This process of evaluation will help the companies figure out the intersection point between corporate and franchise. If the companies are hoping to improve search engine rankings, then it is advisable to shift the focus from the national corporate level to the local franchise level. Well planned SEO plan can work for the companies in order to divert the attention to local message so as to streamline the process of search engine marketing. Following list will help the company visualize what kind of message will work for the corporate marketing and local franchise;

  • Corporate Web Sites – While developing a brand website, it is essential to consider that the search engine marketing message is targeted at creating the image of brand for all the prospective franchise outlets. In order to improve search engine rankings, the website should focus more on keywords and key phrases so as to get desired results from search engine optimization. The keywords should comprise of brand related terms so that franchise sales outlet can easily relate to it. As part of SEO plan, apart from brand related terms, product related keywords should be incorporated with no geo designators in search engine optimization.
  • Franchise Web Sites – In case of creating franchise website, the focus lies more on area specific keywords and terms so as to improve search engine rankings through that particular geographical location. The brand message should remain same in order to customize it to the specific needs and this will help in increasing the effectiveness of search engine marketing. Unlike corporate websites, franchise websites must use geo specific brand terms and product related keywords.

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