Mobile SEO: Understanding better the new wave of SEO for mobile phones

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The precedence of mobile search has become quite noticeable over the years, especially since every other person in this world now uses a smartphone. As internet usage on smart phones increases exponentially by the day, tech analysts have come to understand the need to push SEO for mobile phones. Although this does not involve processes any different from regular SEO, mobile search engine optimization is a business in itself involving tweaking of web content so that it renders well on a mobile phone, is the call of the hour.

Smartphone users are an anxious crowd who, rather than searching for things, look for immediate solutions. They are very impatient and it is important to customize a website’s mobile SEO campaign to create rich mobile-user experience that caters precisely to individual needs.

Having a great mobile site is only as successful as ranking high on mobile search results. Though the search results for mobile phones and regular desktops and laptops are no different, a website that works well on a mobile phone and renders well on the platform, is the one preferred over the others. Usually, different handsets will have different search results based on evaluations that Google makes with the different user agents. The best step webmasters can take to improve their mobile SEO is to ensure that mobile crawlers and user agents are able to determine that your content will render well on any mobile phone, irrespective of the mobile phone OS involved.

One more thing that can be done, to save up on time and efforts in making a separate platform altogether, is to create separate cascaded style sheets of your website for each platform. Another frequently used method is to code traditional web content in XHTML to ensure that it will work on a mobile phone. This significantly improves the possibility of websites rendering well across the highest number of phones and their browsers.

As internet usage patterns undergo a lateral shift, mobile SEO becomes vital to a website.  As compared to traditional search practices, mobile search is a highly personalized activity, and the search engine can almost always safely assume that the person searching on the phone is you, and thus show up results based on your previous search behavior. In order to ensure that users get what they are looking for easily, on time and within a few clicks, it is important to focus on SEO for mobile phones as an equally important supplementary activity to traditional SEO processes.

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