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How would be the experience like when Google can actually predict what you are looking for? It must be really great as it will offer you quickest possible search results. We all are short of time and do not have time to type the entire keyphrase we need to search on, therefore predictive text can be of great to the users. You must be wondering, who is going to do it for you, the answer is new Google Instant Search which use predictive analysis  and automatically suggest you in real time. Now this is what you call a real time saving feature. With this new Google feature, everything looks so streamlined and quick and these predictions are based on billions of previous searches and some data. Not just the suggestions, it also help you get feedback on your search query which most likely include misspellings. So before you begin your search, Google Instant Search feature will offer you suggested spelling also.

You can get feedback through Google Instant and this will automatically refine your search query, however it might not be good for the webmaster who tries to trick the users through misspellings for their SEO. Google understand you and your intention and therefore it knows that you always want to spell the keyphrase right, therefore it does that for you through its all new Google Instant feature. Have you ever realized that proper nouns can improve your search? It’s absolutely true and Google Instant will help you figure that as it improves the handling proper nouns.

If the proper nouns searched by you are handled properly, then it will help you extract more information about named entities. If the search engine has proper knowledge about the named entities, then it will surely improve the search for potentially vital pages and will also increase the quality of results. So, even the page you are searching lacks relevant keywords, it can be one of the top searches with the help of Google Instant. Are the webmasters wondering, what will happen to their white hat SEO? Well Google Instant is no threat to search engine optimization or any unique quality content that has been valued by the users. Google can entice more users through its new feature which has the capability to combine better spelling with better quality for the better targeted results. Remember, speed will improve your search results and when it comes to this, Google Instant leaves behind many other competitor websites. Google Instant may put an end to the automated queries at some point of time and this might lead to inaccuracy in the ranking reporting software.

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