New features introduced in GA & Webmaster Tools in 2010

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For the success of any website, it is essential to look out for tools and techniques so that the analysis becomes easier. Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics are like boon to the search engine marketers and with each passing year, they are improving their features. Following are some of the new features which came in late 2010 -

  • There has been a great improvement in the features of Google Webmaster and Google Analytics.  If you think from the standpoint of back links, then in 2010, Google left no stone unturned to provide maximum information to webmasters pertaining to backlinks. After logging on to your Google Webmasters account, you can get information like who is linking to your site, what page of your website has the maximum number of backlinks and the backlinks’ anchor text. You can get answers to a lot of backlinks related questions. If you want to know whether you are getting the right amount of organic links or not, then new Google Webmaster tools are there to assist you. You can also get to know the exact URL of the page from where you are getting the backlinks. With such facility, you can always calculate the quality of your links, number of links and many such related queries
  • You can also enjoy the in-page analytics features under Google Analytics. Log on to your Google Analytics account and you can get the desired information about the clicks made on each page of a website

With such advances in Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics, you can draw better conclusions regarding user behavior & measure other metrics.

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