Nine New Tools from Google Which Can Be Used for SEO

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The Google camp is known to keep the ball of innovation rolling and hence keep webmasters on their toes. Google has now come up with nine new tools in its ever increasing features of the organic search engine results ; these tools are a consequence of its search related enhancements to get the best of organic search results. Another impetus could of course be the stiff competition it is facing from rival Yahoo! in the past couple of months. Hence, Google now has nine new filters which can be used for search engine optimization. The organic search results can now be filtered by the hour, specific date range, more shopping sites, fewer shopping sites, visited pages, not yet visited, books, news and blogs. These search options are available after the initial organic search results are given by the search engine, by simply clicking on the show options tool bar on the left top corner of the page. This is what these search tools can actually be used for;

Past hour and Specific date range – This option allows a searcher to funnel down the search to the latest results within an hour of the search, ‘oven-fresh’ results if you like! There is also the date specific result that filters down the search engine results according to the dates specified.

Visited pages and Not yet visited – As the name suggest this option allows a searcher to tone down the results using the option of not seeing all the pages already visited or those not yet visited. It helps save time and refines the organic search results.

More shopping sites or fewer – The option of more sites puts in more commercial pages in the organic search results and also gives the prices of the pages right in the beginning. But in case you choose ‘fewer shopping sites’ then it filters out many commercial pages.

Books, Blogs and News – This is yet another interesting tool that brings down the scope of the search giving pages only from Books, Blogs or News pages ; just as required.

How you use these new tools for SEO or for your search engine marketing strategy is up to you.

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