Nothing can overpower SEO, it’s here to stay

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There is a constant talk about SEO dying. In the past years, many of the experts had predicted that SEO would be dead now, however it is important for you to note that SEO is very much alive and looking at the trends, it is expected to grow in future. Of late, Google launched Google instant and after its press conference, one question which popped out of everyone present there was is SEO dead now? You have to understand that no matter what comes and what goes, search engine optimization can never die because of its unmatched benefits, uses and relevance. It has been observed that many of us, who run online businesses, hate search engine optimization and that’s because we actually don’t have proper understanding of this process. When you have misunderstood certain thing, you can never have any idea about its future and its impact on other businesses. Most of us feel that ‘Google Instant’ is going to kill SEO; however this is not true because nothing can over power SEO in times to come.

If you feel that search is about tricking the search engines or ruining the website design, then you have to revise your thoughts because SEO is all about generating content which is search engine friendly which further includes various keywords. For your business’s success, you have to first know what actually SEO and once you are through with it, you can always realize the potential of this practice which help you to locate information in the world wide web. It is essential for you to take out certain misconceptions about this process from your mind including

  • SEO is just not about getting traffic from Google
  • It does not mean getting traffic from various web pages
  • Your SEO is much more than getting traffic from the keywords

You have to understand that though Google Instant has made the search easier for the users, however, search is still there, so we cannot say that SEO is dead or is dying slowly due to the introduction of new features by Google. As an search engine optimization, you must be aware of the fact that query refining keywords is not a new phenomenon, it existed in Google for so many years , however with Google Instant, the need to do keyword research has been reemphasized. If you think that search engine marketing is dying its natural death, then you have to change your outlook because it’s not dying, it is actually changing with various changes in the search scene. Without search, no online business could survive and for years to come, it will be an integral part of online business as it is here to stay.

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