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Off Page SEO is something that has been recommended to business owners for several years due to the obvious benefits that the practice provides. Good Content is certainly the need of the hour in order to make your brand more valuable and to attract users. With the help of Off Page SEO, marketing your website and getting better rankings can become a reality. Your brand’s online reputation can grow by leaps and bounds.

Social networking sites are great platforms for your Off Page activities. You can start off by creating a presence on major social sites such as Facebook, Orkut etc. This step allows you to build a network around your brand and have a direct connection with your target audience within the network. Social activities also help build or manage an online reputation which is crucial to enhancing your brand presence and to foster loyalty.

When it comes to good content the best activity you can undertake is blogging. Unlike social platforms, blogs do not have a limitation when it comes to the amount of content you put up. As platforms for unique content, blogs need to be relevant to your brand strategy and should be promoted to the ideal target audience.

Discussion forums will allow you to start discussions that fall within your area of expertise and enable you to establish your brand as a valuable source of information in your domain. As a brand you can also answer questions posed on other forums.

While it has often been noted that directory submissions yield results at a much slower pace, it is advisable to submit in directories that are most effective and are likely to be of value to your brand.

Social bookmarking is yet another option that is often overlooked by brand managers. Since these sites have fresh content on a regular basis, they are most likely to get crawled by search engines. By using proper tags you can ensure that your brand presence gets the desired attention.

Links can be exchanged with relevant service related websites and can help you benefit with respect to Google’s Page Rank Algorithm. Beware of Black Hats while conducting link exchange. Internal linking too works well from a search engine perspective.

Photo sharing websites like Picasa, Flickr etc. help boost traffic to your site. Use these platforms to share pictures of your brand products and get comments from followers and brand loyalists.

There are several similar strategies that can help you implement effective Off Page strategies. However, make it a point to remember that these must be implemented carefully so as to avoid overdoing and spamming which could render your efforts redundant.

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