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User generated content has become an integral part of most of the popular websites. For SEO, this is a great formula and nowadays with some of the applications like BBpress and Sponge, it has become a lot easier to upload user generated content on the websites. Your search engine optimization efforts are crucial to your business which is why your user generated content also needs to be optimized. User generated content is essential for your website as it carries a lot of value, so adding such content on your website makes it more SEO friendly and approachable for visitors. Your website carrying user generated content will help you derive greater profits from your search engine optimization efforts. When it comes to user generated content, it has been observed that the site owners do not lay much stress on the SEO aspect, but this can be a blunder for your business.

Simply adding user generated content is not enough, it is important for you to fully optimize the content and then let that work for your search engine optimization success. Proper keyword targeting and on-page set up will help you optimize the user generated content in the best possible manner. Following are some of the methods by which you can optimize your user generated content to make it more SEO friendly

  • Focus on the most important element of the website page which is the page title. You must add the keyword in the page title which will make it easily noticeable by Google. If you area popular online business, then you can also include your brand name in the title which will help you get great returns from your search engine optimization efforts. Fit your page title to 70 characters or less than that, otherwise Google will not notice it.
  • After the page title, you can optimize your user generated content by adding keywords to the headline of the content. Adding keywords in the content title will help you with your SEO activities.
  • Talk and discuss with your website designer because they will guide you in the right direction with respect to search engine optimization. In the entire creation process, you can add SEO reviews after every step as it will help you find answers and the desired feedback as well.
  • Look out for shorter URLs so that users can easily paste them in the address bar for further reference. While optimizing the user generated content, make sure that the URL doesn’t contain underscores and spaces, instead dashes should be used.
  • Add meta description to the user generated content as it will help you streamline your SEO activities. If the users are adding images along with the content, then ask them to write a short description about that image which can be used for the alt tag.

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