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Creating a website is one thing and making it easier for the users to navigate through every nook and corner of it is another. You must have noticed that as part of the search engine optimization plan, a lot of things are considered, however one thing which needs your attention is the navigational aspect. Work with your website developers and get cracking with how to make your website easily navigable .

As an SEO, you have to look at the navigation of your website very carefully. The readable text on your website should be easily navigable so that search engines can take note of that and give you higher search engine optimization profits. If your website consists of pop up menus, then they need to be coded in an SEO friendly manner. Make sure that the navigation is not too deep otherwise it will become more of a pain for the visitors to cross 5 or 6 steps to reach to the main text.

Make sure that you use color coding so that users can get to know which part of the website they are in and how to go back to the home page of your website. You have to make sure that your URL is SEO friendly as well and for that try and make it simple and not too complicated. If you include so many keywords in the URL, then the chances of it getting spammed can increase and this will not help you realize the real potential of your search engine optimization efforts. You can also include certain keywords in the primary navigation itself so that your SEO focus is on products and services.

You have to ensure that the website’s pages do not have multiple URLs. So whatever route your visitor takes, he should get to the primary location only and this will help you streamline your search engine optimization plan.Your website’s homepage should be easily reachable and for that you have to ensure that the navigation bar does not lead to a duplicate link which in turn takes you to the duplicate home page.

Breadcrumb links are a great navigational feature & should be present on the website, so that in case the user is lost, he can just click the return button to go back to the homepage. When you think from the SEO standpoint, ensure that your website’s pages are easily accessible by search engine crawlers.

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