PPC And SEO: The Perfect Mix Pt2

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Most of the SEO companies might be thinking that if PPC and search engine optimization are equal, then why more money and time should be spent on pay per click marketing efforts. As part of SEO India, it has been observed that PPC figures are more than the figures generated by organic search engine optimization which clearly indicates the added advantage of adopting the pay per click form of advertising along with the traditional way of search engine optimization. Some of the astounding figures are given below which can be seen as the eye opener for all the marketers who are against the pay per click practice;

  • 2.03% of traffic is converted into customers in PPC whereas the natural search engine optimization traffic is converted at the rate of 1.26%.
  • The visitors spending power under pay per click campaign is 10% more than that of SEO visitors on various websites.
  • The visitors in case of search engine optimization spend less time on the sites but the PPC visitors stay for a longer duration on the website and that’s 29% more than the organic visitors.

All the companies, with the help of above mentioned facts cannot rule out the advantages offered by pay per click tool of search engine marketing. These surprising facts will make everyone think about incorporating PPC efforts in the organic search engine optimization so that the ROI is maximized. Following are some of the reasons behind the figures showing pay per click scoring over SEO;

  • Speed – The launch of pay per click advertising proved a great help for all the marketers and since PPC campaigns are always fast as compared to the results derived from search engine optimization, it has become the favorite of all the search engine optimization professionals. Even SEO India is in favor of PPC operations as it increases the overall performance of the company. If the companies are looking for quick top search engine rankings, then the inclusion of PPC efforts is a must in any SEO plan.
  • Testing – Testing of marketing results is essential in order to judge the ROI against the PPC and SEO practices. In case of testing the keywords, CPC and landing pages, pay per click method of marketing offers detailed and specific testing results as compared to search engine optimization. This does not mean that SEO is not good for the companies because the proper sync between search engine optimization and pay per click is the key to successful marketing.
  • Control – Through PPC campaign, the SEO India companies and various other companies can enjoy full control over the message.

A good search engine optimization plan is essential for every company and if it is decorated with the advantageous pay per click efforts, then companies will enjoy higher ROI. This indicates that both SEO and PPC have to be used together as part of search engine marketing.

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