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If you are working in your company’s SEO team, then you will come across various issues through the course of the year. The most important being the yearly calculation of the accurate traffic to the website. It has been observed that people working in the SEO team have a real tough time coming up with accurate traffic-centered goals and this has become a real concern for the companies. Knowing the visitors to the website is critical to the success of the company. Do you want to know the conversion rate? Or are you looking for the search engine optimization success? All these questions can only be answered through accurately calculated traffic only.

Well you must be hearing a single voice saying ‘use Google Keyword Tool’ and in fact this is the only solution to the problem. Now you must be thinking that whether the results achieved through Google Keyword Tool are accurate or not. If you are thinking on these lines, then you can always trust this tool which is available to the marketers, webmasters and search engine optimization teams. As of now two versions of the Google Keyword Tool are there including the legacy/API version and the newest Beta interface. The jury is still confused regarding which tool ( the legacy or the new keyword tool) offers more accurate results. The experts feel that though the new tool is the updated one; however that does not mean that it is more accurate.

Now, the question arises that if these tools are not accurate, then how do companies form their yearly strategy to know the traffic to their website?

  • Study the impressions – You can start by figuring out how many impressions a keyword or a set of keywords can bring in on average for a specific month. Ideally you have to do this monthly in the calendar year.
  • Pull from both Keyword Tool and Google Tools – If you take into account all the numbers, then you might come across a trend which will help you estimate the future traffic. Also, you can take into account the median of number as a metric through tools like Word Tracker and Keyword Spy.
  • Run a PPC campaign – If you want to know the accurate traffic to your website, then you can always run a pay per click campaign. This campaign will also help you crosscheck the traffic information collected through the Google Keyword Tools.

Once you have got good idea of the number of impressions, you should know your rank in the search engines. If you calculate the traffic based on your rank, then also you can expect a good idea of the visitors.

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