Prove SEO value with data, research and numbers Part 2

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Do you measure your SEO success? If not, then you must understand that if you want to grow in the business, then you should prove the SEO value with adequate data and numbers. Each and every aspect of  SEO has to be properly measured and show to others what actually you have achieved will help you grow in the business because people believe only what they see. When your SEO value is proved only then the efforts made by you will be considered worth and for that you should prepare a report which can be presented to all showing the worth of your SEO exercise. Apart from proving the SEO value and highlighting your win, you have to focus on various other important points which are mentioned below.

  • · Know what to say when – Always remember to mention the things which are of the highest priority because if you keep on including things which are less important, then it’s going to affect your reputation in the online business world. It is a common mistake which is done by most of the marketers and then the company has to suffer due to this. If you are lacking somewhere, then fight those battles with the data you have presented in the report. Sometimes you might appear as a sheer nuisance and annoying in the business world and people would not like to see you with the search engine optimization activities. When you know that you are not the sole decision maker, then simply present your findings through gathering data and adequate research which will help others know about the positive and negative impacts on rankings, revenue, traffic and the entire SEO health. If for your company, SEO is a big traffic source, then it is important to mention this in the report and this could probably a hit you are looking for from a long time. Your main aim is to present the data and leave the decision on the other party and also ensure that you could provide every possible insight required by them. Step back and let the business owners take their own decision taking cues from the report.
  • · When things go wrong – There will be times when nothing will go according to the plan and they will fall absolutely flat. Be prepared for such situations and understand the reason why such situation arose and then how to rectify it. It is important to learn from your mistakes and when you know this, you can always recover from the falls. In your report, it is important to be correct and for that if you come across any technology which is not beneficial for the business, then warn the business owners so that those strategies can be done away with, without any negative impact on the business.
  • · It’s all about numbers – At the end of the day you have to prove your SEO value so that you can help the business owners take a right business decision

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