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Your SEO company needs a better understanding of Google’s real-time so that you can analyze its impact on your social media optimization plan through monitoring and tracking. You can use Trendistic as your SEO tracking tool and this will facilitate the success of your search engine optimization strategies. Now after you have understood the impact of this new feature on your SEO plan, it’s high time to look out for ways so as to track your real-time traffic for the benefit of your social media optimization initiative. You might be thinking about various SEO services to track your search traffic and for this you can hire a competent SEO company to help you in attracting more traffic and ensuring more visibility.

You must be wondering on how to track your real-time search traffic but now with numerous SEO services like Trendistic, you can easily find out the individual query terms which will strengthen your search engine optimization. This will help you identify the highs and lows in your real-time search and knowing this, you can develop other beneficial SEO strategies for your social media optimization also. If you use these kinds of SEO services in your SEO plan, then you can even search your historic volume of traffic which can help you take an estimate of the real-search impact. You can use this feature for your main search keywords which is beneficial for SEO company to understand your traffic metrics like traffic spikes or drops. If you talk about social media optimization, then you should comprehend the role of tweets which can be monitored and tracked to make out your traffic. You can track Google links from different search engine results pages and you will find out that along with real search, it will also show you search results from Twitter and Facebook. Your social media optimization will also present good SEO results if proper tracking and monitoring is done by your SEO company.

If you incorporate this real-time search tool in your social media optimization strategies, then you can also witness traffic generated from the Twitter URL. If you want to track the traffic from micro blogging sites, then you can use link which will allow you to check out the links in your Google search engine results pages. If you use this URL, then you will surely come out with better social media optimization as part of your search engine optimization. This method of monitoring and tracking of your real-time search helps you include effective SEO services in your search engine optimization layout.

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  1. Anumapa,

    This is a great article explaining SEO. I’ve never heard of trendistic, but I’ll be definitely checking it out.

    I am currently using to track links coming from my twitter account and you are dead on with this topic.

    Thanks for sharing,

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