Redeeming benefits from Links with a Bad Reputation

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In the link building world, we often come across certain links that are considered as spoiled fruits which cannot be used for the SEO business. This prompts use to shun that group of links and move on to look for other link avenues. However, an expert knows just which of the links are to be dismissed and which can be used.

Some of these links with bad reputation also posses redeemable qualities which can be used in the right perspective. Some of these links with bad reputation tagged along include:

Nonfollow Links

Although, these nonfollow links fail to affect the search engine rankings in the literal meaning, they still posses their initial intent to divert the traffic from one place to another which is mostly relevant and useful.

We choose direct links over nonfollow links because they meet this function while increasing the page rank, but if one is gaining all other benefits from the nonfolow links apart from better page ranking, it makes sense to not single out these links.

Reciprocal Links

Reciprocal links are those where one website owner gives space for a link to be listed as long as his own website’s link is getting listed on the other person’s site.

As long as this reciprocal link exchange is natural and is being driven by self interest and human behavior, it is fine. For instance when site A adds a link on an article posted on site B and site B reciprocates the favor  and links to an article on Site A in order to show the visitors where they have been referenced on the other websites, it is happening in good faith.

On taking a closer look at the root of the link exchange exercise, one notices that link exchange helps build collaborations by bringing like-minded and like-themed websites together. Therefore, link exchange should be considered as a key to open up better prospects in future.

Directory Links

These links are often considered useless because they are indirect and cached and even if they are little valuable, they possess little power to impact the page rankings. Besides, the SEO friendly sites draw negative attention because they allow any and every website link to be posted, most of which are porn sites.

The redeemable point in these sites is that they are like scouting for good clothing pieces in the clearance sale. If you take out the time to sift through all sorts of websites featured on these directories, you might end up finding some valuable sites.

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