Redesign your website with Google Analytics Part 1

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If you want to ensure higher search engine marketing results, then you have to give equal importance to your analytics which is often ignored by the marketers. As an SEO expert you should understand the importance of data analytics for your website’s success and this is also essential for you in order to make some decisions about your website. When you know about your analytics data, you can easily judge the performance of your search engine optimization efforts including the design and content of your website. You have to find out the interest area of your customers and only then can you redesign your website for better SEO. Since you are in the business of internet marketing, you need to take some crucial decision about your search engine marketing and for that you should have complete knowledge about your analytics data.

As an SEO professional, it is essential for you to understand the importance of analytics as it will help you redesign your website according to the need of your customers. When you launch any search engine optimization campaign, you also have to check that for its effectiveness because only then you will get the desired results. If you do not check the performance of your search engine marketing campaign through Google analytics, then you might not know in which direction your website is going and whether it is offering something useful to your customers or not. You can make use of the below mentioned ways to take right decisions while redesigning your website.

  • When you design your website, you have to be careful with the size of your windows and browser. You have to decide whether you want your website to be viewed by majority of your customers or not. Once you decide this, only then should you chalk out your search engine marketing plan. Ideally, you should start designing your website with a size which can be easily browsed by at least 95 per cent of your visitors. You should look out for the browser sizes being used by your visitors and for that you can go to screen resolutions under visitors tab.
  • If you want to design your website to get effective search engine optimization results, then you also have to decide which language you want to use. Your international website will be greatly benefited with this kind of Google Analytics. You might need to include territory specific pages to your website in order to get desired results from your SEO efforts.
  • For effective search engine marketing, you need to design your website keeping in mind your target customers. You need to ask yourself if your website is delivering what your customers actually want. Ideally, you should make use of internal search reports which will prove helpful with your designing efforts and your SEO results. You can create a word cloud and analyze which search terms are often searched for.

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