Redesign your website with Google Analytics Part 2

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Your search engine marketing plan has to be perfect if you want your website to generate more number of visitors. When we say perfect, it means that you as an SEO expert must have knowledge about all the latest tools and techniques of internet marketing so that you can contribute to higher search engine optimization results. If you are facing the problem wherein your website is not delivering the desired results, then you can always opt for redesigning your website and for that you can use Google Analytics. Ideally, you should use Google Analytics because it will help you identify the areas which need special attention in order to be improved. While redesigning your website, you should always check out for landing pages of your website that need to be changed. If you want your search engine marketing campaign to be successful, then you should take help of the reports generated by Google Analytics. Through these reports you can judge the performance of your landing pages. You have to look at various factors before starting with the redesign process.

For your SEO benefit, Google Analytics will analyze the performance of your website pages through goal funnel visualization, site overlay and bounce rate. If you study these reports carefully, then you can achieve greater heights in the field of search engine optimization. When you know which landing page needs to be redesigned, then you can form a much better SEO plan which will lead to higher search engine marketing results in the longer run. You also have to ensure that the tracking to be done by Google Analytics is set up correctly because only then it will give you right results to work with. As an SEO expert you must have noticed large amount of self-referrals showing up in Google Analytics. When you plan to redesign your website, you also have to look out for the improvement in your search rankings after the redesign. If you find your website generating better search engine optimization results, only then you should start with your redesigning process.

Even if you do not find much of difference in your SEO results and search engine rankings, you should go ahead with the findings of the Google Analytics which will help you monitor your organic traffic. If you want your search engine marketing campaign to be successful, then you should also redirect old pages to new pages which will help you with your redesigning plan. Now when you redirect your pages, your users might come across 404 page error which needs to be tracked by Google analytics.

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