Refine Your SEO Process Part 1

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Internet marketing has opened a plethora of opportunities for many businesses. Companies, big and small, try hard to get top page rankings in the search engine result pages. Whether they do it through search engine optimization or they choose search engine marketing to get a top page rank, depends largely on the kind and amount of resources available with the company. While search engine marketing is an easier process, search engine optimization is a little time consuming but delivers better fruits. So, if a company chooses the search engine optimization way to increase its internet marketing business, then it has to include in its marketing strategies better SEO techniques.

In the world of internet marketing, better SEO techniques have proved to be one of the most cost-effective methods of marketing. However, the point which arises here is that when search engine optimization is better and cost-effective too, then why do businesses go for search engine marketing? A recent Forrester report stated that in 2009, companies spent more than five times on pay per clicks as compared to search engine optimization. And yet, up to eighty percent of the clicks on Google’s search engine result pages are in non-paid listings, that is to say, search engine optimization results. This makes SEO a crucial part of internet marketing.

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