Role of Mobile Phones in Search Engine Marketing – Part 2

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The process of search engine optimization is crucial for the success of website and if proper measures and techniques are not employed, then all search engine marketing efforts go in vain. It has been observed that only a few people actually redeem mobile coupons as compared to a major percentage of clipped paper coupons. Due to this only, companies are bit hesitant of using mobile phones in search engine marketing efforts. Most of the marketers are not clear with the concept of mobile marketing and how it can benefit in getting higher SEO results. Some of the areas which are turning as a cause of concern for the SEO companies include lower search volumes, no effective way to calculate the revenue and there is a long list of issues. In the Millennial Media survey conducted in 2009, it has been found that 62.5% of brands did not find mobile search engine marketing a very safe option. Every company has its own marketing mix but majority of brands does not fit into those standards. The marketing message conveyed through mobile phones are usually more traffic centric and not encourage much of purchases and this is the reason why most of the companies are skeptical about the use of mobile in the process of search engine optimization.

Usually mobile marketing is used to engage the audience and not influencing the purchase decision of the users. Most of the marketers are still afraid of using mobile phones in the search engine marketing plan. The shift from online search to mobile search is still in its nascent stages and the early adopters will be highly benefited by following this approach in terms of better SEO results. In this era of cut throat competition, it is essential to stay ahead of other marketers and for this it is advisable to opt for mobile search engine marketing. Mobile search can be great for the company’s SEO activities and this will also ensure wider reach with millions of people using mobile phones. It will be easy for the companies to target the people through mobile phones and this will further strengthen the process of search engine marketing.

Advertisers might find it difficult to adjust with the new medium but in the coming years, mobile search engine marketing will be one of the most widely practiced marketing phenomenon. If the companies want to drive the brand as a leader, then nothing can beat the effectiveness and importance of mobile search engine marketing. Companies can launch a special mobile SEO campaign and make it a point to target as many people as possible. It is important to understand the nuances of mobile campaign and how it can benefit company’s search engine optimization results.

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