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Search engine optimization in internet marketing is a topic not many people are aware of. To update you a bit on SEO, here are some of the basics of search engine optimization. SEO can benefit your website in many ways.

SEO is basically optimizing your website in the best possible way to draw the attention of major search engines like Google, Yahoo etc.

Some of the most important things to be taken care of during the initial SEO Campaign are:

Keyword AnalysisKeyword Analysis is the most important part of the whole SEO Campaign. Targeting the right keywords for your website could be the most challenging task, especially if your site has a restricted niche value. One of the methods for Keyword research is using the Google Keyword Tool . The main ideas to keep in mind as you create your keyword list are the Search Volumes and the Competition for a particular keyword.

On Page Optimization – Another important step in SEO process is the on page optimization for your website.

1. Using the correct Page Titles – As the titles of your pages hold a lot of weight in SEO, it’s important that they are optimized effectively.

2. Use effective Meta Description and Meta Keywords Tag – Earlier meta data used to be important in terms of Search Engine Optimization and helped a website rank for the terms used. However in the last few years meta data has been irrelevant for ranking purpose. But writing an effective meta description is preferred as it is the piece of text that appears underneath your title in search results and also gives the user an opportunity to see if your site is relevant for their search query.

3. Importance of Header Tags – Every page of your website should preferably consists of the <H1> tag. Try to be creative when designing your SEO web pages and insert the most important headers at the top of the page using your keywords.

4. Content and Internal Linking – Content is the key to search engine rankings. Ensure that your website has enough content to support the keywords that you are targeting. Use internal links as they carry more weight in search engines.

These are just a few search engine optimization basics. Go for Search Engine Optimization to improve traffic for your website.

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