Search Engine Trends For 2012

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2012 is all set to be a landmark year from a search marketing perspective. The mobile component of the market has grown exponentially and now constitutes a whopping 20% of the entire search market. Moving forward, the scope of Mobile search is expected to further increase and add value to the search market. Mobile SEO will never be the same again!

One of the most amazing features that haven’t yet reached its full potential is that of a QR or Quick Response code. These codes will soon be ubiquitous and form a great channel which will take users to an online destination. Since a considerable percentage of the target market now owns a Smartphone, QR codes are steadily being given a prominent spot on posters, billboards and other outdoor media. Television is yet an untapped market when it comes to the display of QR codes. With proper usage, these codes can help get users from all platforms onto a common online destination, thereby increasing the scope of the internet as a marketing medium.

Voice search is another important factor that has found its way into search engine trends for 2012. Android and iPhone users already have voice controls incorporated in their device and this will soon replace typed queries to a great extent. Search and search trends will also become device-specific which will lead to fragmentation.

Local SEO is also going to gain greater visibility in the current year as confirmed by Google’s latest Panda update which highlights the importance of local search. Brands need to leverage the visibility of their local outlets in order to gain better ranking in the local search listings.

The search industry is dynamic and growing at a rapid pace. With HTML5 coming into the picture, you need to ensure that your brand is ready to match the pace of 2012.

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