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As an SEO expert, you should know that there is a big difference between PPC and SEO and for the benefit of the business; these two concepts should not be intermingled. You should not mix both the concepts for effective marketing. SEO is not an advertising model; however it is a process of tweaking and monitoring your website in order to get higher search engine rankings. Do you think that PPC and SEO deliver the same results? If so, then you need to think once again because both of them are marketing models and hence have different benefits to your business. You have to understand that search engine optimization is not an advertising campaign; rather it is a process which helps you gain good ranks through various search engines.

Are you deeply into PPC advertising for your business? If so, then you have to keep one thing in mind that you have to give priority to your SEO goals over any other advertising goal. Your business will grow only if you get good ranks through search engine rankings page. You have to be little patient with your SEO program since it is a slow and tedious process as compared to PPC advertising campaign. If you are looking for quick promotion of your website, then nothing can beat the effectiveness of SEO process wherein you just have to select and optimize the right keywords and soon your site will get indexed by search engines, hence generating great amount of traffic. When users search for a particular phrase or a keyword, your site will appear as the top results and this will automatically promote your website in the vast cyber world.

Are you looking forward to long term cost effectiveness? Then SEO will always score over PPC advertising campaign. In the beginning you might feel that it is a slow and cumbersome task, however it will help you place your website among the search engines which is the primary motive of any business. For better results, you can always start with PPC campaign and then after getting enough visibility and traffic, you can switch to SEO which is a cheap and long term beneficial process. To enjoy longer stay on the search engine pages, SEO will help you in the best possible way as PPC will get you the traffic for a short span of time only. Now which way to go depends on you and your budget, however if both PPC and SEO are used simultaneously, it can generate tremendous results for the business.

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