SEO beyond Instant Part 1

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You must have heard about Google Instant which gives you more refined search option. However it has not been received well by the SEO community as people like you still want to understand the effects of this new feature by Google. Do you really want to know the effects of Google Instant on search engine optimization? However it would be too less a time to judge the impact of this new feature on the search engine optimization as it is just launched in the internet world. You must have observed that most of the marketers are possessive about their SEO and if some feature hampers this activity, they might feel insecure. If you are a search engine optimization expert, then you must be aware of the fact that by the end of 2010, search engine marketing will be $16 billion industry and which is why the experts are more worried about extracting the positives from SEO. Have you heard about this notion that SEO would die much before the search engines? Well, this has become a great concern for many experts like you.

Why do you think that whether SEO will be alive or not? Don’t you think it’s not worth even discussing about this because SEO is data-driven and easily measurable? Well, the reasons behind why most of the marketers fear the end of SEO soon. Whenever we develop the strategies for search engine optimization, we have to focus on the working of that particular search engine and when the Google changes, the not so informed bloggers start spreading the rumor around.  As a search engine marketing expert, you should know that measuring ROI is the biggest challenge for the marketers. You must have come across this problem when you don’t know why to hire an SEO and what to expect from him or you are expecting too much from the SEO.

You have to understand the formula behind SEO, because whenever the search formula changes, various SEO techniques and strategies come under the scanner. It is important for the clients to get educated because till the time awareness is not there, they will keep hearing and talking about the rumors regarding the death of search engine optimization. You have to keep your focus on the techniques and analytics related to SEO. Of late, you must have seen that there are certain conflicts between the goals of SEO and search engine goals and that’s why people are forced to believe that SEO is going to die soon.

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