SEO for Boosting Website Traffic Part 2

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As a smart SEO professional, you need to think of various ways to lighten your load. Once your web pages are easily loaded, your site will experience more number of visitors and this will strengthen your search engine optimization. You must be aware of the time when the standard loading time was 100kb but now your website can actually suffer because of heavy pages. In your Search engine optimization plan, you must figure out the ways to reduce your page size and this will help you launch an effective landing page optimization. If your web pages are overloaded and heavy, then you won’t be able to divert traffic to your website. You should always try and make your users happy and for this you need to ensure effective landing page optimization.

If you want to analyse the speed of your web pages, then you can make use of Google’s Page Speed plug-in. You need to know the areas which are responsible for the page bloat and one of the most common things is your code weight. As part of your SEO plan, you must work towards your site’s usability and if your code weight is more, it will be a problem for your website. You should take professional help from usability consultancy, so that you check your coding system. Ideally, your HTML should be clean, devoid of inline images, tables and excessive style sheet calls. If your website is light, quick and clean, then it will lead to effective landing page optimization which will further improve your SEO results.

You must check your CSS sheets which is actually a dumping place for all the site related things. Ideally your style sheet should be light and simplified as it will help you with effective search engine optimization. you can also use CSS sprites to compress image and this will further reduce the weight of your web pages. If you want to increase the usability of your website, then you also need to check your script and make it faster and lighter. You should aim at an effective landing page optimization and for that you need to cut down the excessive Java scripting weight. If you want your SEO to be successful, then you must know the image extension and what are they used for. You must know that JPGs are for photo images and PNGs for line art and once you know about all this, your landing page optimization will be on the right direction. If you use incorrect file extensions, then it will make your web page heavy and large. If you keep in mind some of these important areas, you can probably help lighten the weight of your website and make it light and faster.

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