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For anyone who is new to the world of SEO, it all may appear like black magic. With new terms like temporal analysis of links, Page Rank sculpting and canonicalization, emerging each day, it might be daunting to keep a track of things and decipher these terms all too quickly. And then there are many details that need to be considered which might have great impact on the SEO process.

Although, this reputation might hold some truth, for somebody who is committed to master the art of search engine optimization, it is imperative to know the users that one is eyeing to target. The fact that users are who ultimately de-code what type of profile a business units should have in order to earn top page rank is evident from the fact that all search engines including Google and Bing spend historic amounts in order to form create the best information retrieval system for people who seek information online with the help of key search phrases.

An aspiring SEO practitioner should know the target audience for which the SEO process is being done. Besides, it also makes sense to know the set of keywords and key phrases that the target searchers might use. Also, the SEO practitioner should know the signals that these search engine make use of.

There are many Search engine optimizers who spend a number of hours a day sending signals to the search engines in order to be listed on the site for a particular keyword or key phrase without knowing if they even qualify to be listed on the search engine or not. This may also include questioning oneself whether the site carries the relative information or not.

The practitioner might also have to ask a set of question before getting ahead with the plan of action like what type of information the user might need to know and whether or not the website provides the information in a manner that rates the website better than the other sites competing for the same keyword.

Also, attaining the topmost position on the search engine is one thing and sustaining that position is another which might require the SEO practitioner to go that extra mile. This may include having a defined content strategy. As per this strategy, there should be production of authentic and updated content on the website to augment the position.

Experts suggest that staying on top takes a lot of focused attention and persistent efforts towards providing users with the new information to satisfy their quest in way that the competitors fail to recognize.

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