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Are you planning to give an all new look to your website? If yes, then you have to be very careful with your search engine optimization strategies. You just cannot ignore search engine optimization initiatives when it comes to designing or redesigning your website as it will help you reap greater profits. Reviewing your SEO priorities as part of your strategic plan will help save time and money for the future and long term search referral. Ideally, you should always look for the long-term plans and if you consider that then SEO needs to be prioritized. Your designing or redesigning team should know the priorities of the project and it is your duty to brief them about your SEO initiative so that they keep that in mind in the redesigning process. All this needs to be done during the decision-making process only so that everything falls in place. Some of the actionable insights which you should consider while the development process is on include

  • You have to focus on link building which ideally starts with your website’s navigation. For effective link building, you must ensure that your website is easily crawled by the search spiders. Your SEO initiatives in this case should include building a hierarchical navigation path and URI patterns which are static in nature and not dynamic. If you use keyword rich anchor text in your website, then it will help in greater and easy navigation which will further improve SEO results. You also have to ensure that proper XML and HTML paths are provided which will further assist in easy crawling by the search engines.
  • You have to pay special attention to the title tags as part of your SEO attributes. The title tag of each page of your website should begin with a unique optimized keyword as the words in the beginning carry more weight. Make sure they are editable. Another important SEO attribute is the headline tags, wherein the headline must include optimized keywords for greater visibility. Same ways you have to put your search engine marketing efforts in body copy, meta tags and meta description.
  • Make sure that search engines are crawling on your interactive and rich media content also. While redesigning your website, do not forget to add user generated content and the product reviews which will give your website greater credibility. If you are adding video to your website’s pages, then ensure that it follows title tag and meta data standards.

When you build these flexible SEO attributes in your new website, this means you are designing a great SEO plan for your online business as it will be result-oriented for your online business.

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