SEO Strategies: Surveying the Competition Part 2

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If you want your search engine marketing to be a success, then you must target your competitor’s backlinks and try to incorporate the same in your SEO plan. When you do so, you are actually helping webmasters who are usually short of time to know about the broken links on their pages. You will actually streamline your search engine marketing as this technique will help you get higher page ranks on .edu websites. Ideally, you must check out for these backlinks as webmasters do not have time to do such tasks and when you help them, they can in turn help you to improve your search engine marketing. You have to understand that this technique will not only help you get the client’s link on a particular website but actually adding value to your visitors as that website will offer something valuable to them. If you convince the webmaster of your client’s link value, then you can strengthen your search engine optimization as it will help you enjoy a better response rate from your visitors which will also help you with enhanced SEO results.

When you check for the broken links on your website, then you can come to know about the websites of your competitors that no longer exist. This will help you get an SEO benefit as you will find more resource pages and articles which become new link request opportunities for you. When you find some broken links, simultaneously you will also discover some food website pages which are still linked to that link. When you find such pages, then you can inform the webmaster about this and they can further add new links to those quality pages which will improve your search engine marketing. You can replace that broken link with a new link in order to get maximum results from your search engine optimization. Ideally, going from one broken link to another can be rewarding for your SEO, so you should let go this opportunity as it might lead to a lot of valuable links for your client which are not owned by any of your client’s competitors.

Free Tools for Competitor Backlink Research

If you want to find the best of backlinks, then you can make use of certain tools like In this link, you can find the backlinks of your competitors and can design your SEO plan accordingly. As search engine optimization expert, you can also use Yahoo Site Explorer and Firefox’s SEO Quake plug-in.

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