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As the influence of social networking sites and the internet increases, focus of mankind is slowly shifting from real life to the virtual space and why not, it’s fun, dynamic and cheap. So it wasn’t long before businesses started recognizing the importance of online advertising.
Just as while selecting a location in real life for a billboard, we select a location with maximum visibility we need to do the same online. Your website can be beautiful, creative, easy to use, offering the best deals and all that but wouldn’t mean a thing if it’s URL features in the lagging end of the search results page. Research shows 80% of all people click one of the first 3 natural listings on the search page. That’s where SEO comes in; SEO promises its client maximum visibility and hence maximum hits compared to its competitor. SEO increases the rank of your page and since it features the website in natural listings it is perceived as non-biased. So what does one have to do to win this race to maximum hits?
The secret to this is known to SEO experts. They know exactly how the search engines work and use it to their advantage to make sure their client site reaps the maximum benefits from their knowledge. They know exactly which attributes the search engine targets, so they make sure that all those attributes are properly set. They analyze their client’s competitors and the search habits of target consumers to take appropriate decisions
There are two key factors SEO experts have to take into consideration to make sure they reach their desired goal; the first being on-page optimization and the second being off-page optimization.
Under on page optimization the SEO people make sure that the structure and content of the site is perfect. By doing so they give their site every chance to feature on top of search results page for a given set of keywords
After the first goal is taken care of, they need to make sure that the site grabs the consumer’s attention. They have to see to it that the site has maximum visibility which results in maximum traffic/hits. Now this is done by off page optimization.
If all this is done properly it assures that the ranking of the website increases and so does its visibility. This visibility achieved by SEO isn’t doubted by the consumer unlike the real world billboards or paid results since it features in the natural listings and it is perceived as non-biased thus helping you reap maximum benefit which is the only motive behind the idea of SEO.

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