Siloing Your Website: Breadcrumbs

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If you want to get higher results from your search engine marketing campaign, then you have to optimize your website in the best possible manner and one of the most powerful ways is to adopt siloing or theiming method. Once you have learnt the art of theiming your website’s masthead, you should also learn how to optimize your breadcrumbs which are located below your masthead on the website. Ideally your SEO efforts will be paid off if you divide your website based on various themes. If you are new to the world of search engine optimization and wondering what exactly breadcrumbs are, then this is a small text, which you can find under the title on the website page. So, if you want to know your standing in the website hierarchy, you can always rely on these breadcrumbs. As part of your SEO operations, you should link breadcrumb on your site internally or through anchor text and while in the process, you will automatically learn the importance of linking those words for your search engine marketing campaign.

As an SEO expert, you have to ensure that your breadcrumbs work in favor of your website and for that you need to optimize them by linking through various internal links. You should know that breadcrumb is a type of navigation scheme for your website which have great amount of content. So when your website is content heavy, your visitors might shift to some other source to get the information, therefore if you optimize these breadcrumbs, your search engine optimization results will be higher than expected. This will help your visitors trace back to the landing point in your website easily. You should not add extra level to your siloing as it will make your website heavy and visitors might not want to visit it again. So apart from pages like customer service, privacy and contact us pages, you should link other pages as well in your search engine marketing plan. Make sure that unless you have more than 150 pages in each section, you should not add an extra layer.

If you want the search engines to crawl your website, then you should focus on flat architecture of your website as this will also help you with search engine optimization results. Instead of using an icon of a ‘home’, you can focus more on using the website’s name as anchor text as this will reduce the risk with SEO operations. Ideally you should use the same anchor text in building breadcrumbs as you have used in masthead because this will enhance the effectiveness of this technique.

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