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You must be aware of the different flavors of a website and to manage all of them, you need to have elaborative search engine optimization. Website consists of so many things; it can be a design, content, social media factors and various other things which need to be optimized in order to improve the visibility and ranking of the website. Do you know about the types of SEO?  If no, then you must sharpen your skills about various branches of search engine optimization, to make your website rank well among its competitors. For the success of your website, you must aim for the synergy of all the departments so that all can contribute their own share towards a common goal. The success of your website depends largely on the knowledge and skills of the online marketer and for that you must know about the types of SEO that can enhance your results. Below mentioned are the various branches of SEO which will allow you to streamline your entire website and not juts one part of it.

  • Content SEO – Even if you are not part of the SEO team, you must have knowledge about it so that you can write your content accordingly. Since you are responsible for the written content on the website, you need to know certain SEO norms like the inclusion of keywords. The content you will be writing will be used for your website, press release, blog posts, company profiles, video scripts and job postings.
  • Developer SEO – If you are a website developer, even then you need to have knowledge about the SEO so that you can develop a SEO friendly website. As an SEO developer, you have to keep the users and SEO in your mind and this further helps in creating flow to the website.
  • Designer SEO – You can be the designer as well as the developer of your organization, however you might need different set of skills. If you are a designer search engine marketing of your organization, then you are responsible for the clean design of your website along with the right positioning of the content. As part of the design SEO, you have to keep in mind that images need to be named properly as it will make your entire website SEO friendly. Now you have to make things work apart from making them look good in the cyber space.
  • Link Builder SEO – If you are a link builder SEO, then you have to understand the creation of strong link profile, linking out and solicit linking and for this you need to have knowledge about the types of links that exist on the web.
  • Social Media SEO –  If you think that social media marketing is all about maintaining updates on Facebook and Twitter, then you have to rethink on that as the social media SEO has to take care of product reviews, creating relationship to boost traffic. You must know how to use analytics to find new content ideas.
  • Traditional Marketing SEO – as an organization, you also have to keep a traditional marketing SEO in your company so that he can integrate with the online and the offline activities.

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