Social Media Optimization : Taking SEO to the Next Level and Creating Brand Awareness

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Social networks, blogs, online communities and many such tools are the best carriers of social media marketing. Search engine marketing can be well conducted through social media marketing which involves lot of user interaction. Through social media it is lot easier to create brand awareness among the users and also get more information about one’s product in the form of feedback and reactions.

SEO and social media complement each other very well and the combined tactics of search engine optimization and social media marketing can work wonders for the company and its products. Useful social content can only be discovered through better search to reach out to wider audience and this can be achieved through effective SEO. Social interactions among the users of social networks improve the chances of brand visibility and hence awareness is created thus getting more traffic to your website.

Search engine marketing plays a vital role in building the image of the company and its products. The best way to place one’s brand is through successful social media marketing with four basic steps including,

  • Listen- Listening is the foremost and basic step which forms base for the success of other three steps. Without listening to one’s customer one cannot build and sell a brand. Customer is always interested in knowing about product and the value which he can derive from the given product.
  • Interact- Let the customers interact with the product or service to have proper understanding about its features, use and its worth. Customer’s interaction is essential part of social media marketing and it can be best achieved with the help of efficient SEO.
  • React- After comprehending the product and service, customers will react to it in the form of opinion and feedback. Feedback becomes extremely important for effective and successful social media marketing. The customer reaction can be good, bad or neutral and accordingly products can be modified if required.
  • Sell- The customer’s reaction to product or service will determine the chances of selling product which can be positive or negative. If negative reactions are perceived, then it becomes essential to interact with the customers and try to find out the reason in form of their reaction towards a specific product.

By incorporating SEO insight in social media marketing strategy, advertisers can also increase value for their investment. The social media content should be interactive and well optimized through effective repeated keywords for improved search results. Engaging all these four steps to enhance search engine optimization will speed up the way to successful social media marketing.

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  1. This is a great post. So many people focus solely on link building, and getting their rankings for their primary website. In truth, the Internet is very fluid and dynamic, and searchers are sophisticated and trying to find the story behind the top results. A well-constructed search marketing solution should include creating a larger story through social media, and leveraging all these tools for branding, social proof and multiple first page rankings.

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