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Hmmm…finally got some time to mull over the happenings of the last week or so. It was a pretty hectic week work wise, although the highlight of the week was a training session organized for the new recruits. Meeting new recruits casted my mind to the placement season in January. Placement seasons can sometimes be so boring, I hate going through hundreds of black text resumes. These black or plain text resumes can sometimes be so dull. How about jazzing up these resumes with a little bit of multimedia and online links.
‘Social Media Resume’ or SMR as they say, is a term coined for a resume which contains videos, MP3s, links to your online profile and integrated social networking feeds in addition to the information you’d find in a normal resume. The biggest advantage of having a Social Media Resume (SMR) is that it helps you paint a completely different portrait of yourself for your prospective employers and customize it to reflect you as a person. I personally think that by having such a resume you are better equipped for success.

Here are a few pointers to help you with your Social Media Resume.
1.    Multimedia is the key
Multi media is the most important aspect of your Social Media Resume. This not only makes your resume more interesting and colorful, but also allows your audience to see you in a more complete way than via the text format. A good idea would be to upload videos or podcasts of you answering some basic questions and talking about your achievements, previous experiences, strengths and weaknesses. It’s very important to add videos or MP3s of seminars or presentations you conducted. Embed photos of your meetings with respected players in the industry. Add in audio testimonials from previous employers, clients and colleagues.

2.    Online Presence
Another good idea is to provide plenty of pointers to your online persona. Your online presence consists of your profiles on social and professional networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook etc. Links to these profiles are important if you want potential clients and employers to get a feel of your personality and work ethics. This also allows them to see your contacts and connections, giving them an idea of the type of people you are used to working with. However, make sure that you clean your profile up before making it public. It can be very embarrassing if a prospective employer gets hold of your drunken pictures.

3.    Share it
A big advantage of having an SMR is that it can be shared. Since no photocopying or faxing is required, it can be shared in just a few clicks. Be sure to enter the URL of your social media resume on as many networking sites as possible. You never know who will stumble upon it and where.

4.    Optimize it for Search Engines
Since this is the age of search engines, you should consider optimizing your resume for search engines. It is very easy to optimize for search engines, just play around with a few keywords. For example if you are looking for a public relations post and the words “public relations” aren’t listed anywhere on your resume, your chances of being found by a public relations recruiter decrease many fold. Think about what words describe you best in the industry and sprinkle it generously in your SMR.

A Social Media Resume does a better job than a paper resume in revealing your communication skills – an essential requirement for almost every job. Finally, a word of caution, don’t over do the multimedia elements. Including too many photos and videos will make your resume longer to load. Incase you really want to include additional multimedia elements; simply include a link to the separate pages where they can be viewed.
Hope this was helpful and all the best with your resume.

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