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Google’s latest offering for its users is the new algorithm called ‘Google Caffeine’ which is next generation architecture for Google’s web search. Unlike other Google updates, this latest algortihm includes crawling, indexing and ranking changes. Google has launched it in a big way and it is expected to replace the existing search infrastructure. Newshounds and marketers may still debate on the fast search results being offered by this new search engine, however that period is not long forgotten when Google used to update its index once every 30 days. For enhanced search, it is essential to have updated information on the search engine which is relevant to the users. Caffeine provides 50 percent fresher results for web searches as compared to the previous index. Now get on to the relevant content much sooner after it is published than was possible ever before.

How to get cracking with SEO techniques for Google Caffeine

Google is known for coming up with innovative tools for your search engine marketing and the latest offering is the Google Caffeine. Since it is a new tool, you have to be very particular about this and this would want you to learn some SEO tips so that you can use this tool to get the most of your search engine marketing. Most of the users use search engines to look out for the information they want to get and for this your website should be there among the top searches.

  • Loading speed – The first and foremost SEO tip is to improve the page load time of your website. Earlier it might be of less use, however now for visibility among the top searches, special focus has to be on the loading speed.
  • No broken links – For enhanced SEO business, the absence of broken links will help you in getting top spot in the search results. Get rid of broken links and get going with Google Caffeine.

You have to admit that search engine optimization is one of the strongest strategies which will bring tremendous amount of traffic to your website. If you ignore SEO, then your website will just remain passive in the internet space with no one to notice it. You must be aware of the long running industry norm that if you want to get noticed , then you have to show on top of the search results  and when you do this, you will gain great amount of traffic. You will also come across dramatic changes in your website’s rankings on the new Google search engine and you should take it as an indicator that you have to change your SEO strategies with the changed algorithm.

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