Strategies for Refreshing Your Website Content Part1

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Many businesses, in an attempt to update their website content, commit a common mistake by forgetting the adverse effects that refreshing website content may create. If you also plan to refresh your website content, then you need to take into consideration the SEO impacts. Whether you want to update your website content to include the details of your new product or it is some other business idea that drives you to take this road, you should consider the SEO rankings before you refresh your site content.

Everyone knows how important it is to get a top rank in the search engine result pages and nobody would ever like to lose it. However, you may lose this top rank if you refresh your website content without considering the SEO impacts in the planning stages.

You can avoid this situation by following any of the below mentioned ways:

Running Rank Report

Running a rank report for all Resource locators or URLs that need to be updated is one very important thing that you should do before you start preparing the content to be updated. This will give you a clear picture of the current search engine marketing ranking for your keyword setting and will also determine which URLs are driving traffic towards your website. This information will ultimately help you establish some top priority URLs that require a careful assessment of the modifications or changes in your content.

Don’t forget that your present content structure might be the reason for your top ranking in the search engine optimization or search engine marketing results. If you change content on these top priority URLs, the act may impact your current rankings and can even lower it and thus reduce traffic towards your website. This will negative the impact of your search engine optimization process. Therefore, instruct your content developers not to touch the content that drives heavy traffic from these URLs. Even if the content has to be changed or updated, then change it keeping in mind the traffic that these top priority URLs are bringing.

It is a better idea to assess what content is giving you top ranks in the search engine marketing results and leave that content as it is. If you try to change it, the act may impede your search engine optimization process. For example, your current home page has top 5 ranking for say, 15 different keywords and it is diverting a lot of traffic to your website. Now your marketing department comes up with a new idea to replace that content with an introductory video. If you do that, you would not find your website on the top. What you can probably do is add a link to your home page that takes the users directly to that video. This way, you will retain your search engine optimization ranking and may even improve it.

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