SEO Strategy: Surviving Mayday & Caffeine Part 2

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Your main aim is to strengthen your search engine marketing campaign; however with new Google algorithms you might find it tough to maintain the success rate of your SEO activities. So, if you thought that the speed of your website is not very important to the success of your website, then you need to think again because now Google include site speed as an important ranking factor. As an SEO expert, you need to understand that the loading speed of your pages lead to conversions. If the pages of your website load at a faster speed, then you can get desired results from your search engine optimization strategy. Ideally, faster page speed is useful for your SEO success but if your page takes even less than a half second to download, then you might lose out on your visitors who would divert to pages that load faster.

If you are aiming at successful search engine marketing, then you need to focus on increasing your page speed. This algorithm can have a negative impact on your business especially if you own a B2B website as your site may include flash, video, product demos, product specifications and varied forms of rich media. So, if you are facing this problem, then you need to evaluate your landing page loading time and if you do so then you can improve your search engine marketing results. Ideally, you should review your website pages loading time and compare it with other websites and this comparison will help you get the desired SEO results.

If you are aware of the Mayday update, then you should know that long-tail keywords and load time of your website will define the success of your search engine optimization plan. You must take care of these factors and should include them in your SEO plan so that your B2B marketing does not suffer. If you want to appear on top your search results on search engines, then you can use the new index called Caffeine which will give your users 50 per cent fresher results. When your user spends more than the required time on a search engine, then this affects your search engine marketing results. With Caffeine you can find the relevant links for your B2B marketing. Now if you change something in your website, it will be available to the searchers in less time as compared to the previous index by Google. This will help you streamline your search engine optimization results.

You just have to provide fresh and relevant content on regular basis and Google will automatically help you rank well by indexing those changes in the minimum possible time. If you are looking for quicker SEO results, then you must consider Google Caffeine.

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