Surviving the Google ‘Panda’ Update

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Some website owners are facing the brunt of yet another Google Panda update that has had some unexpected results on website rankings. The latest update has revealed a considerable concentration on video sites such as YouTube and Hulu along with other sites that content a large amount of video content such as NBC and CBS.

The previous Panda update had an even greater impact as the rankings of content farms dropped rapidly. The update has also ended up affecting innocent websites such as “Cult of Mac” that speaks about the Mac. In order to protect your site from the ever changing Google algorithm you need to take a few precautionary steps that will ensure that your rankings maintain a balance.

Firstly it is important to understand that this Panda update was done to remove “low quality” content rather than good content that is beneficial to the users. The catchphrase here is “low quality”. To avoid being tagged with the rest you need to make sure that your site pays attention to the kind of content that goes on the site and concentrates on educating and providing value to the user rather than just quantity.  Publishing content just for the sake of traffic is not a good idea especially if you want to maintain or grow your website’s ranking.

Taking care of the ‘Panda’ is not just about creating high quality content. Your keywords are the most important part of your ranking. While optimizing effectively is important, you must make it a point not to over optimize and target a particular keyword too much.

Whatever content you put on your site make sure the web pages load fast and users do not have to wait to view your site. A slow load time would lead to users turning away from the site and on to your competitors.

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