The Bing Effect on Search Engine Optimization – Lower Costs & Higher Conversions

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Proving its advertisement campaign worth $100 million to be utterly successful, Bing has become the latest buzz in the search engine optimization universe. Known as the new ‘Decision Engine’ of Microsoft, Bing is all set to impact the search volume. Latest surveys have revealed that there has been a huge jump in the search volume of Bing. There has been a 12% jump in the search volume within June 8 to 12. The increase in jump has been calculated up to 33% as compared to its pre-launch work week in May 25-29.
With so much happening on the ‘Bing’ front, quite naturally, a lot of curiosity has piled up about Bing. Reviews are being published about how this new ‘decision engine’ works, its interface, and also how it can be compared to Google in terms of organic search and search engine rankings. With such a huge amount of investment, Microsoft is certainly looking forward to yield some results out of it.
According to statistics, the initial three weeks have worked quite well for advertisers as well as Microsoft. Microsoft has been selective enough to display the ads on the search engine results page, in spite of the increased search volume. There have been positive impacts even on the pay per click model in various aspects such as conversion rates, click through rates, cost per acquisition, etc.
The growth of Bing is going to be monitored and tracked to determine its stability and improved performance rates to feed the curiosity factor. If it works, it can work really work well for SEO in India as well as in other parts of the world.

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