The Importance of Sitemaps

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Your website survives on effective search engine marketing and hence it is essential for you to incorporate all the latest SEO tactics in your website so as to enjoy advanced search engine optimization. You need to understand the necessity of HTML sitemaps in your website’s development so that the links are properly distributed in your website which will further help you in realizing better SEO results. For your comprehension, HTML sitemap is the landing page of your website which displays the route to all the other links and pages within your website. If you want to experience more profits from your search engine marketing efforts, then you should make use of smart SEO services for your website. If you are aiming to boost your search engine optimization, then your decision of using HTML sitemaps will prove helpful for the growth of your website.

If you are chalking out search engine marketing, then you should be free from any kind of confusions and doubts about your SEO activities. If you are in a fix, then you can make best use of SEO services offered by search engine optimization experts to improve your knowledge on the basic difference between HTML sitemaps and XML sitemaps. You, as a smart company must know that XML sitemap may not be suitable for your website because it is designed to solve your indexing problems and not any other SEO issue. If your website does not suffer from crawling problems, then you should not waste your search engine marketing efforts on developing XML sitemaps.

Your website needs HTML sitemap so as to allow your visitors to enjoy easy navigation to all the useful and relevant pages of their choice. Your search engine marketing plan must include HTML sitemaps which will assist you in identifying the number of visitors to your website. It is crucial for you to understand the importance of link building and your SEO services including HTML sitemaps will ensure effective link distribution within your website. Ideally, you should link all your website’s pages to HTML sitemap and place this on the landing page of your SEO website.

Your HTML sitemap can prove effective for your search engine optimization and if you incorporate external backlinks in your sitemap, then you can derive maximum benefits from your process of search engine marketing. If you associate the backlinks to your HTML sitemap, it will pass the juice of the links to all your website’s pages and this will also help you in implementing other SEO services to your website development.

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  1. While I agree that HTML sitemaps are a great idea, I disagree with the idea that they are there for your users. A proper website should have an intuitive, easy navigation system that allows users to find their way around your website to any specific page within 3 clicks from the homepage. While this may seem impossible for many larger sites, with just 100 links per page (a number acceptable to Google), you can get to 1,000,000 pages in 3 clicks!

    HTML sitemaps are much more useful if your goal is to balance the Pagerank across the entire website as opposed to focusing it on the pages that would benefit from it more, for example, the homepage or category pages.

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