The Need Of Flawless Attribution Analysis Pt1

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Internet marketing has emerged as the best possible way of marketing in the arena of search engine marketing. One of the most crucial areas which is often ignored by the marketers is the last click attribution which further is useful in the process of search engine optimization. If the companies follow a certain model, then it can get higher profits from its entire search engine marketing efforts. The SEO and PPC experts are of the opinion that the best model in today’s time is the media mix which is going to benefit the marketers in terms of better SEO. If the marketers are not following a proper and accurate attribution model, then it will affect the health of search engine marketing in terms of great loss of the investment that goes into the process. Giving most of the credit to search engine marketing by the marketers is not sufficient for effective search engine optimization unless accompanied by attribution analysis. According to the pay per click marketers, attribution analysis is going to be the next big problem related with internet marketing which needs to be solved in order to realize better profits from SEO operations.

In today’s world of search engine marketing, marketers need to be really smart so that not even a single important factor is ignored. If the SEO marketers ignore the concept of attribution analysis, then it can prove fatal for the company’s online reputation and image. Marketers are trying to move away from the last-click attribution model and adopting the accurate attribution model which will lead to the shift in the budget trend from search engine marketing to other channels. As of now, there are two basic approaches which are being followed by both SEO and PPC professionals to enhance the process of search engine optimization; however there are many flaws attached to them. One of the most common approaches followed by the SEO marketers is assigning a certain value to various marketing channels like 25% allocation for search engine marketing, 15% for email marketing and similar other ways.

Another approach which is making news everywhere around in the arena of internet marketing is the black-box math-based approach. This practice is followed by large companies using predictive modeling to match the outcomes with ROI, profit and revenue. Most of the SEO professionals and the pay per click experts feel that this predictive last click attribution model may not prove helpful for the process of search engine marketing as in attribution analysis; there is no one way that fits all the requirements.

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