The right time to bid farewell to your SEO client Part 1

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You would never want to lose your client because client brings in the business for you and if client goes away from you, it will definitely affect your search engine marketing. These days you have to be smart enough while handling your clients and you should drop the client on your own before he moves out of your company, violating the agreement. You must have heard that clients are leaving the company just because of your under- performing SEO, however now the scenario is different because you know better which client to continue with. If you want to know when you should say good bye to your client, then you need to ask the following questions from yourself so that the client does not affect your search engine marketing operations. You must know about the different scenarios which can force you to bid farewell to your client, just because that is affecting your SEO business.

  • As an SEO expert, you must have experienced that even after the delivery of desired search engine marketing results, clients remain non serious about their business strategy and this can be really annoying for your marketing agency. When any client meets your marketing agency, he seems quite excited about the new project; however as the project progresses, many of the clients lose interest and this can be a great demotivating factor for any search engine optimization company.  You have to ensure that your client is serious about his SEO success online and if that’s not the case, then you know what to do. When you ask for their feedback and you don’t get that, then you should understand that the client is no more interested and this is the right time to kick him off so that your SEO business does not suffer. If your client is not cooperating with you on the project, then remember that the right time to part your ways has come.
  • Have you ever tried to find out whether your client is even interested in what you are doing regarding their search engine marketing? If not, then you should get on to this whenever you start with a new project. Clients should know what impact your SEO plan will have on their business and for that they need to take little interest in the process. So, if you find that client is least bothered about what you are doing, then show him the doors.

If you think that the client remains absent from the scene for a long time and appears only when something is wrong, then it is another signal for you and your search engine marketing company. You have to understand that problems could have been avoided, had there been a proper communication between the company and the client.

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