The right time to bid farewell to your SEO client Part 2

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You have to be very careful with your SEO business as a fussy client can affect your business. You should know when to bid farewell to an uninterested client so that you can direct your search engine marketing efforts in the right and appropriate manner. Ideally your main goal should be to offer your best to the client, however if the client does not want to be part of the search engine optimization strategies being designed by you, then you should have a golden handshake with that client. If you experience the following things, then you must say bye to your client as his non-participation and disinterest can affect your search engine marketing efforts.

  • Have you come across the situation when your client does not even want to listen to your SEO advice? If yes, then you must understand that since you are professional, the client should pay heed to your advice and other recommendation to ensure effective search engine marketing results. Your suggestions and advice can be of great help to the client’s business and when you are doing a good job, you have a right to be heard. Suppose, while analyzing the search engine optimization campaign of your client, you discover that there are certain areas where unnecessary spent can be seen, then you can always advice the client to go for cost cutting. Your recommendations should be crucial to the client’s business and it will always help their business to touch new heights. After hearing to your suggestion, their marketing strategies can be made more effective and they can save a lot from their allocated budget. If you experience that your client is not willing to take your advice, then bid them goodbye.
  • If your client feels that you can make them rich overnight, then it is high time for you to realize that the client is going to be really demanding. During such a situation, it is important to clarify your search engine optimization strategies to your client so that he does not have any expectations from you. You might find it difficult to judge the right time to say bye to your client, however if the client is not willing to continue with your set expectation, then you might consider it.
  • You must have observed that with small SEO business, clients want more by paying less for it. If you are under paid with regard to the time you spend on designing search engine marketing campaign for your client, then think about showing an exit to your client.
  • If your client is associated with you for a very long time, then you have to think twice before bidding them farewell. Have you noticed that your client tries to nickel and dime you, just because you have offered additional suggestions which can otherwise favor their search engine optimization campaign.

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