Types of Universal Search Optimization – Part 1

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It is important for the companies to think about effective search engine optimization for the new Universal Search experience. If proper optimization of the elements is not done, then companies will not be able to generate best results from search engine marketing. Universal Search is quite different from the traditional search and therefore, a lot of thinking goes into optimizing this new form of search. Proper optimization of every single element like video, images, news, shopping, local search and other rich content will work great for SEO results. Universal Search optimization is a great way to achieve higher search engine rankings along with expected SEO profits. Every company aims at maximizing the profits through well planned search engine optimization and this calls for incorporation of new and advanced techniques like Universal Search optimization.

Image Search Optimization

The famous adage ‘picture speaks a thousand words’ fits this kind of search engine optimization. A smart and intelligent SEO marketer should use this adage to the company’s advantage and when image search is well optimized, companies can be sure of higher search engine marketing results. In order to get more traffic to the website, it is essential to choose the right images to help explain the usual text and images also help in forming a human connect with the audience. While optimizing the images for Universal or blended search, SEO experts must incorporate rich ALT text for every image which should be characterized by relevant keywords. Relevancy is a key factor in Universal search engine optimization and the marketers must keep in mind that the content wrapped around the image should be highly relevant and must have strong connection with the image.

Video Search Optimization

Video is one main element which attracts a number of visitors on to the website and is able to hook the users for a longer duration. Search engine optimization for a video can be used for multiple purposes and this also helps in reducing the bounce rate of the website pages. Engaging visitors through the website content is critical for the success of search engine marketing and when video is included it accelerates the users’ visits. Adding instructional or how-to-do video is the best way to optimize video content. A smart SEO marketer should include a two to three minute video to optimize it in a better way and along with this tagging of a video with right keywords is equally important for effective search engine marketing. To further optimize the video in your website, it is always better to upload the video on YouTube so that the visibility of that video increases in the cyber space.

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