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Your association with various Google tools always helps you in realizing the full potential of your SEO plan. If you have used the Webmaster Tools offered by Google, then get ready to experience something different and beneficial for your search engine marketing practice. Whenever you think of launching an SEO exercise, the first and the foremost thing that you strive for is the better site performance. Your site’s performance carries lot of weightage and is also responsible for driving maximum traffic to your website. If you use the Google tools, then you must know that it believes in making the online world faster which helps you in reaping quick SEO results. But now you can experience the all new Webmaster Tools with an additional Site Performance feature which is going to work wonders for your search engine optimization.

If you incorporate this new feature as part of your SEO program, then you can get information on how fast your website loads from the user’s end which is important for the overall success of your search engine marketing. This Site Performance feature allows you to understand the average page load time and will also offer you suggestions to improve your website’s loading time and other related problem areas. You might wonder, but your website’s performance depends mainly on your site design and the blog layout. You can get all this information through this new Webmasters Tool and you can use it to strengthen and streamline your search engine optimization plan.

You can also get hang of all the necessary details regarding the loading time of your website’s pages which will help you to generate better SEO plan. You can analyze the following factors in order to understand and improve your search engine optimization through Google’s Site Performance feature

  • Performance Overview
  • Example Pages with Loading Time
  • Page Speed Suggestions

If you want to further improve the speed of the loading time of your website, then you may also install Page Speed Browser from Google’s Webmaster Tools so as to strengthen your search engine marketing strategies. This feature of Site Performance by Google will help you understand various factors affecting your site loading time and will also offer you number of alternatives to make your website’s loading time better. If your website’s pages loading time is less at the user’s end, then you can enjoy higher page ranks and you can also enhance your SEO activities for the good of your website. On Site Performance, you will learn about making your website faster and easily accessible by following suggestive parameters which will reinforce your process of search engine marketing.

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  1. The site performance tool comes at a great time considering Google’s recent announcement that it will begin using page load times as a factor in rankings. Over the course of time, you can really see how the modifications you make changes performance!

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