Using Newly Launched Bing Maps, Mobile App, Toolbar and Visual Search For Effective SEO

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Your website needs something different in order to top the charts of search engine marketing. If you are looking for some professional and high class SEO services, then Bing is all set to offer you a bouquet of applications which will help you in streamlining your search engine optimization strategies. For your benefit, Bing always comes with something new and useful, so that your search engine marketing efforts do not go waste and you are delivered with the desired SEO results. As you know that more features means enhanced interactivity and traffic, so Microsoft is helping your search engine optimization activities to go strong and result driven.

Your SEO efforts are of high value because lot of investment goes into it but if it does not lead to desired results, then all efforts and time invested in will go in vain. So, to make your search engine marketing successful and effective, Microsoft offers you three advanced, exciting and highly useful value added services including;

  • Bing Maps – If you are looking forward to streamlining your search engine optimization strategies, then it is essential for you to incorporate new feature of Bing Maps. Your adoption of this new feature will also help you in integrating third party applications unlike Google Maps where you cannot go beyond regular mapping experience. If you use this exciting and interesting Bing Maps application, then you can integrate Twitter Maps, Nearby Location service and unique feature of Streetside imagery to increase the impact of your search engine marketing tools. You must have heard a lot about Google Maps, but Bing Maps is surely going to be a great help in optimizing your SEO efforts.
  • Bing’s New Mobile Apps – You are aware of the benefits of using mobile technology as part of your search engine marketing plan and for this you can make use of Bing’s new mobile apps. If you want to streamline the process of search for your audience, then new mobile features offered by Bing will help you in your SEO process. For your knowledge, some of the interesting mobile applications include voice-enabled search, driving directions and traffic information, all new and improved auto locate feature, trace local business locations and the most useful facility to save your search for later use.
  • Bing’s Improved Toolbar and New Visual Search Feature – For your SEO benefit, Bing is offering you an improved toolbar with all the easy and latest browsing facilities and search assistant which will help your audience to have easy and enhanced product related search. You have another reason to feel happy about because now your search engine optimization will reach to another level. If you are still looking for an edge, then Bing offers you an opportunity wherein you can find status updates on Facebook and Twitter.

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