Video SEO: One thing you would not want to overlook

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Delivering rich content to the user which will capture his or her imagination & giving out relevant info are the primary aims of a search engine. There is hardly a better way to do that than creating videos. And this aspect is underlined when you see a video thumbnail on a SERP for most keyword search queries. This fact is enough to suggest that optimized video tags may just be the magic word that can get you good rankings on a search engine result page. Video SEO is a largely unexplored field, but it is a potent catalyst which will power your video content through its ascent through the SERPs.

Quite often, video results that are generated for a searched keyword are low in quality and have minimum reference to the content being sought. Again, this is because not everyone is optimizing for video. Because videos, simply put, mean larger files due to which it is difficult for search engine crawlers to evaluate and index them. However, one video seo tip that does help in getting the crawlers attention is the Meta information a video carries. This can be the title of the video or its description. Optimizing a video’s information tags to match quality keywords will categorize your video content and it can certainly help make life easier for search engine crawlers while processing and evaluating a video. Also, along with the video one can include transcripts which the search engines can interpret as normal web page content.

It is important to understand that videos are increasingly becoming a popular choice for information dissemination today. Almost all information can be shared in the form of a video and given the fact that people have access to smart devices that support blazing internet speeds; this media’s popularity is only going north. It is, thus, not only vital to have good quality videos but it also pays to carry optimized video information that will help push it to the top results. It is also essential to pay attention to elements like number of hits for a video, video ratings and comments to ascertain if a video is generating the impact it is meant to. More significantly, if a video has strong social signals, i.e., it has high ‘shareability’ quotient, its popularity and ranking is affected in direct proportion.

Going with the current trend, it is important to consider video optimization as an important tool for search engine optimization and one that can offer an added edge when it comes to garner popularity for your website on the web.

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