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I often get asked about web site submission to Google. Most people believe that submitting your site your Google ensures search engine rankings on arguably the best search engine today.

Well, the Google spider crawls through the internet and finds majority of sites via links from other sites. So optimizing your site and getting some great incoming links from directories and other related sites would ensure that your site is indexed by Google. If you still want to do a web site submission to Google, you can do that using their online form at http://www.google.com/addurl/.

One does not need to submit each individual page to Google. Submission of your web site’s front page will do that job. However, you need to make sure that your inner pages are linked well from the front page.

Another method to submit your web site to Google is through Google Sitemaps (now a part of Google’s webmaster tools). Web site submission to Google using sitemaps requires an XML file to be generated. This XML sitemap file contains all the URLs that you want crawled. It can also contain other data like the last modified date for each page, change frequency of each page and the priority of the page. Priority is the relative importance of that page as compared to the other pages of the site.

I’ll discuss the Google webmaster tools in details in another post. Hope this post has helped clear some myths of web site submissions to Google and helped understand the basics of indexing by Google.

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