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Google Webmaster Updates are basically a free service provided by Google for all webmasters allowing them to check the index status and increase the visibility of their websites to the optimum and enhance their organic search engine rankings

Recently the Google Central Blog announced the updating of this feature so that the webmasters find it easier to verify their sites’ SEO worthiness and how it can actually maximize the organic search engine rankings of all sites. By announcing these updates all webmasters have been given a chance to update their sites to get maximum search engine optimization , visibility and traffic.

Google calls it the “Summer Shine project” and the main changes that webmasters can expect are:

File verification easier

The Site Selector option will list all the verified sites and will allow the webmasters to search for the sites while typing.

The File verification process has been made simpler and easier because some webmasters had been complaining that they were not able to verify. To makes things easier Google has now allowed verification without a 404 status code process.

Block non-page links

Webmasters can now block all those non-home page site links on their sites that they do not want. Previously this was not allowed and sub directory links couldn’t be blocked. It is a great advantage to all webmasters in enhancing their SEO rankings and in generating greater traffic to their sites.

View removal requests

In case other viewers or rivals may have given a “removal request” for the sites; Google will allow the webmasters to see the URL from where the removal request has come.

Not only this, the request can even be revoked by the webmaster if required. This prevents the misuse of this facility and also helps in search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

Easier webmaster tools Homepage

The tools page for the webmaster has been made easier to navigate thus offering maximum visibility and enabling good SEO rankings.

The process of updating also allows the webmasters to change the e-mail and operate from an e-mail which is not registered. Earlier if the registered e-mail was not verified the site could be de-verified but this has been removed with the updating allowing for better and faster SEO optimization by the webmasters.

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  1. I have long believed that if you install Google webmasters on your website it will help you a great deal with rankings. By allowing Google to access your site with this it shows that you are a true business not hiding anything and really serious about growing your online business.

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